December, 2012

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How Can a Custom eNewsletter Benefit a Business?

In 1631, one of the very first known newsletters was distributed in England informing the locals about the events happening overseas. Long before newspapers were the standard medium of providing information, newsletters were the primary means of getting the information you needed. Today, newsletters are still very much important for businesses, event organizers, or even corporations that would like to inform their targeted audience about specific information such as a new product or even a special event in the community. The possibilities are endless. As the popularity in email increased, however, a new avenue opened up in the way you can distribute newsletters in the form of eNewsletters. An eNewsletter is an HTML email that allows companies to submit corporate announcements, press releases, product launches, coupons, and much more to their clients on a continual basis using an email or eNewsletter system. The benefits of online newsletters aren’t restrained to just providing information. In addition to the obvious benefits an eNewsletter, it can also:

  • Enhance your companies reputation.
  • Provide you with a cost-efficient way of interacting with clients and the general public.
  • Allow you to track the statistics of your eNewsletter such as open rate and hot spots.
  • Save you the hassle of printing and paying the mailing cost for the average newsletter.
  • and many many more!

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Custom Blog Design

A blog is a great way to generate interest in certain topics, engage the online community in discussions, or just plain express yourself! A personalized custom blog design not only shows that your professional, but also adds to your credibility. To see an example of one of our custom blog designs click here, or if you are interested in custom blog design, contact us.