January, 2016

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Blade Hunter

A new exciting dystopian sci-fi/horror film in the style of A new exciting dystopian sci-fi/horror film in the style of BLADE RUNNER.

Blade Hunter is written, Produced & Directed by award winning film maker Richard Driscoll. Starring Michael Madsen, Steven Craine, Bai Ling, Daryl Hannah, Sylvester McCoy, Matt Mickelson, Oliver Tobias, Lysette Anthony, Patrick Bergin, Linnea Quigley, Dudley Sutton and Robin Askwith with a cgi recreation of David Carradine. The film is currently in production.

George Carney is a graphic novelist on the edge of death dreaming about his creation Blade Hunter, a novel set in a dystopian world where the main character is a rough nosed detective called McMillian who chases down androids that have been on a devil worshipping killing spree. As Carney lies in bed after a serious road accident a group of occultists, the images and thoughts of Carney delve deeper into his Blade Hunter world  as the visions between reality and fiction become more blurred as he lies on the edge of death.

In February DRagon will also be Crowdfunding the film through IndieGoGo. For more information, interviews or photos from the film contact DRagon at: For more information, interviews or photos from the film contact Richard Driscoll at BHmovie2015@gmail.com Website: www.BHmovie.club.